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Is Your Lawn Looking Bare And Patchy?

As specialists in turfing we can have it looking fresh and full again in no time, we can skillfully master any lawn requirement. Our company offer very competitive rates, and cater for all needs. Whether it be a small patch of your garden in need of some new turf, or after a very cold winter and your full garden is need of a brand new lawn laid, then East Durham Tree & Gardening Services are here to help. Not only laying the best quality locally sourced turf, we also cut off old lawns and rotavate a full lawn levelling service.

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It is essential for the lawn to be watered regularly in the early morning and late evening when temperatures are low in order for the pieces to knit together. Water for at least 35 minutes, the water should go all the way through the turf onto the surface below the soil.


The new turf will be ready to mow 10 days after laying. It is best not to water the day before you cut the grass, this will allow the ground to be firm, leaving no footprints after cutting the grass. Mowing the lawn regularly will maintain a neat appearance.


Moss will develop in a lawn only if the grass is too weak to compete with it. The reasons for this may be because the grass is waterlogged, compacted soil, mowing to close or too frequently or very dry conditions.

Although some people like moss in a lawn.


Weeds will appear from time to time in the lawn. Remove the weeds by hand. Sprays can also be used for treatment of weeds, if you choose to use sprays make sure the weeds you want to control are specified by the weed killer you choose.



Lawn growing on poor soils need more feeding than those on rich soils. Feed your lawn each spring and if necessary through the summer.




"East Durham Tree & Garden Services looks after the mature trees in our garden and provides a very professional service. With many years experience in the field they are able to offer advice as well as a care service. Highly Recommended."

Zheeta Hitch

"East Durham Tree & Garden Services provided a really professional service from start to finish but was always friendly and approachable. I was delighted with there quality of his work and he left the garden tidier than when they arrived. Highly recommended."

Simon Powell

"East Durham Tree and Garden Services carry our regular maintenance of my lawn and hedges. They look amazing, the work is always carried out to a very high standard. If you want your garden to look the best in your street, give them a call, you won’t be disappointed."

Alex White